We've started in 2016, December 31st, when our first guests arrived, two couples who wanted to spend NYE at our Thuild Villa in Targu-Mures.

Since then we've hosted hundreds of guests, each bringing a new story into our lives, some still return to this day as they love it here.

The whole project started out as a new business, aiming to create something new in the local market, something of good taste, luxury and excellence. Staffed only by me (Zsolt) and with some help from my mother (Magda), we deal with everything there is to this business.

This idea that we had back in 2016 is now transforming into something much bigger. We plan to bring on other owners to join our Thuild brand with their properties, which will be the start of the franchise. This would offer them increased bookings, distribution, payment and booking systems to ensure that they will have the best technology and administration on the market. We will also train owners to prepare them for the daily operations of their properties and guest servicing. 

We aim to get bigger, better and to provide happiness to all guests who walk through our door.